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It’s in their nature

It’s in their nature.”</p><P>“Those men develop an overpowering desire to worship a woman and to be disciplined by her. This plays right into my role dominating them. Some men may have these kinds of fantasies, which feed their cravings, but that is not enough. They need to periodically satisfy those cravings by having a woman like me dominate them. They like to lose control and be at my mercy.”</p><P>“Some men have talked about being ass men, and how they are drawn to the shape of a woman’s ass so strongly. They feel compelled to have their face enveloped in her flesh. Some of the men who come to me, even like to have their faces enveloped in my big breasts.

The desire to be smothered by my flesh is powerful for them. And although I’m in control, we also have safe signals for them to let me know that they need to breathe. I’ll let those men struggle under me, trying to catch a breath, until they signal, and I lean up to give them air.”</p><P>I interrupted and asked, ‘With them being held down and covered in your flesh that way, wouldn’t the aromas of your ass and pussy be strong and overpowering?</p><P>Jordin continued, “I think that aspect of it is what the men enjoy the most.

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I expected her to be horrified and upset

I expected her to be horrified and upset, but instead, she laughed and said, “Yeah, that sounds like Bill. He sometimes drives by to see if I’m outside. He came by today, and it looks like he was trolling for some young, black ass to stick his face in.”</p><P>Then I said, “Damn, Jordin, you seem so calm about all of this, like it’s normal behavior on his part. You even act like you know the guy. What did he mean when he said something about sitting on his face?”</p><P>Jordin smiled and responded, “Come sit with me, sweetie. You’re of legal age now, and have had sex for the first time, so I guess it’s okay to tell you some things. You’ve been asking me for a long time what I do for a living, and well, let’s just say that I’m in the adult entertainment business.

I go with men, mostly white men, for money.”</p><P>I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and asked, “Damn, Jordin, does that mean you’re a, I mean that, are you a …?”</p><P>Before I could finish my sentence, she interrupted, saying, “Yes, baby girl, you could say that I’m a whore, but I’m a special kind of whore. I’d rather be called a domme, and I fulfill men’s fantasies for money. Liana knows that’s how I earn my living, and she’d be pissed if she knew I was talking to you about it. So, this is just between us girls, okay?”</p><P>I was still in shock and replied, “I promise, Jordin, this is just between us.

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I had a happy childhood growing up in Gulfport

I had a happy childhood growing up in Gulfport, Mississippi, living with my parents and older brother in a modest home in a poor part of town. We are a black family, and my father was on partial disability from an industrial accident. He still worked part-time at the Navy base, when he was sobered up from his alcohol addiction. My mother, Liana, worked two jobs, and with both working we subsisted, but couldn’t afford any luxuries.</p><P>My name is Kayla and growing up there in the late 1990s I didn’t experience the kind of racism that my parents endured in the 1950s and 1960s.

But there was still an undercurrent of bigotry, that was sometimes subtle and at other times overt. I remember being looked down on for my color, mostly by white men, who sometimes make sexually insensitive comments to my mother and other black women.</p><P>It seemed strange to me at the time that they would flirt with my mother, making sexually suggestive comments, while at the same acting like they were better than her. Mom is a pretty, full figured woman, and the men made most of their comments about her large, almost watermelon-sized breasts, and her big, bouncy ass.

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Richard sat on the corner of the bed and told me to stand in front of him

Richard sat on the corner of the bed and told me to stand in front of him. He started rubbing my cock over my shorts. He then stood up and removed my t-shirt. He reached down and continued to rub my cock. He sat back down and pulled my shorts off.</p><P>He started stroking my cock with his right hand while cupping my balls with his left. He placed his lips on my cock head and began licking it in small circles. He then took my cock deep into his mouth. He alternated between taking it deep and working the head with his tongue. </p><P>He then pushed my cock up against my stomach and began sucking my balls while licking up and down every inch of my shaft. I had my share of blow jobs before, but this one was as good as I’ve ever had. </p><P>Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, he took his left hand and began working his way toward my anus.

He pressed gently at first until his finger was part way in. He stopped working my cock and reached for the jar of petroleum jelly and lubed his fingers. He took my cock back into his mouth and began deep-throating me. </p><P>He pressed his finger in further until he began to touch my prostate. I moaned in ecstasy each time he reached my male G-spot. I began to moan deeper and deeper until he stopped, took my cock out of his mouth and said, “Tony, I want you to fuck me the way I fucked you yesterday.”</p><P>I reached down and pulled Richard’s shorts and shirt off. I stood him up and had him bend over the edge of the bed. I reached for the jar and lubed my fingers.

The next morning, I received a text from Richard

The next morning, I received a text from Richard asking, “Hey buddy, you going to the gym today?”</p><P>I responded, “Plan on being there about ten.” </p><P>“Great, see you there,” he said.</p><P>On the drive to the gym, my mind was racing with a million different thoughts. Obviously, we crossed the line in our relationship. What were Richard’s expectations? What were mine? Was yesterday a one-time thing?</p><P>My emotions were all over the place and I was wrestling with how to handle everything. Besides, we were both married and we needed to take that into consideration. Before I knew it, I was in the gym parking lot.</p><P>When I walked in, I noticed Richard was already on a stationary bike.

I put my gym bag away in the locker room and walked into the exercise room and sat on a bike next to Richard.</p><P>He looked up and said, “Good morning, buddy, how you doing?"</p><P>“Good,” I responded.</p><P>We made small talk until he asked, “You have any plans later today?”</p><P>I said, “Not really.”</p><P>He said, “You want to swing by my place when we’re done? Jenna won’t be home until tomorrow."</p><P>I hesitated briefly and said, “Sure, sounds like a plan.”</p><P>As soon as I responded, I was thinking, <EM>Why did I say yes? I knew what would probably happen.